NOHrD Wall




Adaptable design

The NOHrD Wall can be adapted to meet any customer demands. All modules are freely combinable to suit your needs. We welcome the opportunity to work together, to determine the suitable combination, following any parameters of available space, demands and possibilities. We will accompany your project in all phases from design, development, to completion.

The measurements of the NOHrD Wall are 110″ (width) x 95″ (height) and 13,7″ (depth). Although it is possible to change the width of the WallBars and storage components.


The Modules

nohrd-wall-modules-fitness-solution-wood and water gym luxury fitness luxus

A completely modular system, its measurements are a maximum of 280cm wide, 212cm high and just shy of 35cm in depth. Kindly note that you can also ask for the width of the WallBars and storage components to be increased up to 80cm in width each.

The Main Frame (Module 2)

The core of the NOHrD Wall. It houses the intelligence unit (19″ touchscreen monitor) of the NOHrD Wall. It also has the Swing Bells and you can choose options of two drawers and a small Minibar for an additional cost.

The Cable Pull (Module 1)

On the left of the main frame as you look, at the photo the high end cable pull module. With a 3:1 ratio pulley system, the cable pull is smooth and durable. With carefully selected bearing pulleys that are manufactured of high end electro-polished stainless steel for longevity.

The Water-Pull (Module 3)

To the right is the now patented Water-Pull module that houses the water resistance tube. The resistance can be adjusted by simply turning the large aluminium wheel above the water tube. NOHrD have made the resistance smooth and one directional. This means you can do exercises for sports like XC skiing, golf, tennis at al.

Kindly note : You can exchange this for a second Cable Pul for no extra cost.

The Wallbars (Module 4)

Holding up to 14 bars, they are sturdy enough to allow you to perform body weight exercises as well as stretching and hanging exercises. You can change the width of this module between 60cm and 80cm.

Shelf & Storage (Module 5)

Storing the floor mat and things like towels or water bottles, you are able to request a specific width ranging from 32cm to 80cm. This allows you to make your Wall flush to the width you require.

The hard wood frame of the NOHrD Wall comes with metal support brackets and connective metal components are powder coated to protect the wood from damage. Parts are manufactured in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak and Walnut.

Mix & Match

The whole idea of the NOHrD Wall is to offer buyers a choice of how you construct your ideal end product. With that in mind, as well as the options on modules 1 to 5 above, you also have the choice of finishes in order to complement existing decor, to contrast, or to just make a bold statement.

Contact us to customize your wall +971586129692.

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