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The Eau-Me Board is a new-generation balance board boasting a patented combination of classic balance training with the element of water.

Balance boards are suitable for all ages and, if used regularly, will enhance fitness and balance while always remaining easy on the joints – in the home, office or studio.

Put simply, the Eau-Me Board is all about balance, challenging the user with a constantly unsteady, shifting base – thus, forcing the body to react with each tilt. Compensatory moves engage the deep muscular system while the body responds to continual impulses and stimuli.

Unique: the water

Patented technology: new impulses through shifting water

The Eau-Me Board’s water content follows its own will, working against the athlete. The result: water flow shifts direction with each move of the user. No regular patterns can be practiced or memorized – the body is triggered into immediate reaction to the water’s apparently arbitrary stimuli.

Balance Board Exercise

Promoting balance and body awareness, improved strength and condition – balance boards are popular pieces of fitness equipment which are both effective and extremely fun to use!

Why balance training?

Exercise on a balance board will train your coordination and sense of balance, as the multitude of little compensation moves you are forced to perform engage your deep musculature, conditioning your movements and overall stability. Balance board use engages your core muscles, automatically improving posture and even actively helping prevent back pain.

What are the Eau-Me Board’s qualities?

The mod balance board design consists of a sturdy footplate made of high-grade wood, connected to a plastic base filled with water. The water’s flow shifts with each movement, so that there are no typical patterns the user can rely on and the body is forced to react to the arbitrary stimuli. Striving to maintain balance, with the ever-shifting water base, releases a whole new range of shifting water and imbalance – you will be forced to take action!

Eau-Me Board – Model Overview and Specs

Dimensions / Weight

Height: 17 cm
Diameter: 64 cm
Weight: 10 kg without water

Technical Details

Base Plate: Real wood veneer
Max. 6.5 l


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 19 × 67 × 65 cm


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