SlimBeam Oak


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SlimBeam Oak

Functionality and design combined in one device – the Slimbeam cable pull made of oak wood with its elegant design blends seamlessly into its surroundings – whether in the living room, practice or studio. Cable pulls are versatile and multifunctional.

All SlimBeam cable systems are produced by hand in the in-house NOHrD factory. Each device is made of high-quality oak wood veneer and is tested for functionality.

Detailed information and data on the SlimBeam can be found here.

The stylish SlimBeam comes with 14 weights of 5kg each plus the obligatory carrier weight of 5kg as well. Each weight is individually rubberized so that there are no annoying noises during training. With its slim dimensions, the SlimBeam fits perfectly into any room.

  • Made of oak veneer.
  • Base plate: ø 44 cm
  • Dimensions: 215x40x20 cm (height x width x depth)
  • Wall distance: 10 cm
  • 14 weights: 5 kg each
  • 1 guide weight: 5 kg
  • Total weight: about 120 kg
  • Translation: 3:1

Included accessories: pull-up bar incl. adapter, cord

The fully articulated butterfly enables one-sided as well as two-sided training – it is height-adjustable and pivotable. The traction ropes are plastic-coated and offer an optimal training effect.

We recommend the standard 3:1 translation, the SlimBeam cable can also be transferred to 2:1 or 1:1 as an option. The range of functions of the SlimBeam can be greatly expanded with optional accessories.

The SlimBeam was honored by the jury of the German Design Award in the following categories: High Quality, Design, Functionality.


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